Status Reports


MarketingPrimary ResponsibilityStatusLead StaffSupporting OrganizationStart YearEnd Year
Develop JAXUSA's brand image
Develop brand image around industry "ecosystems" that encompass a vast majority of the region's niche sub-cluster targetsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122013
Share success stories throughout the campaignJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Integrate competencies of information technology, military, regulatory compliance, and lean manufacturing into region's supporting messagesJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Provide county partners with guidance regarding how they can support the region's branding and marketing effortsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle ZuritaRegional Partners20122016
Begin four "year one" marketing campaigns for each priority targetJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122013
Dramatically increase economic development specific public relations nationally and internationally
Engage a world-class public relations agency that specializes in EDOs to kick off the campaign in year oneJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122014
Build internal organizational capacity and dedicated staff to managing a long-term media relations campaign in-houseJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20152016
Create awareness of Northeast Florida's assets via social media
Focus messages on target industry specific newsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Connect and interact with target industry leaders, associations, and reportersJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Re-design the JAXUSA Partnership's newsletter to pull from social media feedsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132013
Continue to build a database of YouTube videos featuring local companies and area success storiesJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Continue to invest in the website
Add advanced analytics capabilities to track visitors and search engine optimization to drive trafficJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122013
Continue enhancing mobile-friendly featuresJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122016
Refine website based on the Innovate Northeast Florida target industry recommendationsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20122014
Drop print advertising entirely and take a green approach to marketingGabrielle Zurita20122013
Concentrate online advertising on sites specific to the region's target industries such as association and event-specific websitesJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132016
Build personal relationships with site consultants and target industry executives
Focus on marketing missions by JAXUSA leadership, select target industry events, in-bound events, and co-marketing with Enterprise FloridaJAXUSA PartnershipProject ManagersRegional Partners20122016
Work with area convention and visitors bureaus to recruit target industry conferences to the regionJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita, Project ManagersRegional Convention & Visitors Bureaus20122016
Continue to attend site consultant events each yearJAXUSA PartnershipProject ManagersRegional Partners20122016
Encourage Enterprise Florida to lead outbound missions to other target industry geographies both in the US and abroadJAXUSA PartnershipJerry MallotRegional Partners, Enterprise Florida20122016
Involve the region's private sector and academic leaders in every marketing activity
Quote executives and educators in media releasesJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle ZuritaRegional Private Industry and Educators20132016
Engage them on social mediaJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132016
Feature their businesses and educational programs on the JAXUSA Partnership website and its e-newslettersJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132016
Video record 2-3 minute segments showcasing innovations and successes, then post videos on JAXUSA's YouTube channelJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132016
Include them in outbound missionsJAXUSA PartnershipBroderick Green20132016
Invite executives and educators to participate in JAXUSA's in-bound eventsJAXUSA PartnershipGabrielle Zurita20132016