Status Reports

LogisticsPrimary ResponsibilityStatusSupporting Organization(s)Start YearEnd Year
Create a Supply Chain Management Consortium
Highlight the region's numerous advantages to businesses through advanced distribution centers and multi-modal logistics opportunitiesJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Increase programming and throughput of individuals with Logistics education and training
Continue to develop logistics tracks within career academies and career programsUNF, FSCJ, JU, Banner CentersJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Create programs with emphasis on logistics information technology, geographic information systems, and logistics project management at the post-secondary levelUNF, FSCJ, JU, Banner CentersJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Increase opportunity for prior learning assessment to transition a more skilled and experienced workforce on a logistics degree path, with a focus on returning militaryUNF, FSCJ, JU, Banner CentersJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Expand the Transportation & Logistics Flagship Program at University of North FloridaUNF, FSCJ, JU, Banner CentersJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Recruit Logistics professionals to Northeast Florida
Increase the appeal of Jacksonville to outside Logistics workers who are considering relocationJAXUSA Partnership Logistics Advisory Group20132016
Gather all relevant statistics on the growth of Logistics jobs across multiple industries and the buying power of the average Logistics salary relative to the cost of livingJAXUSA Partnership Logistics Advisory Group20142016
Create a standard list of talking points that employers can put on their own website when selling the region to prospective hiresJAXUSA Partnership Logistics Advisory GroupLogistics Employers20132014
Establish relationships with Logistics companies through involvement in industry associations and events
Consider becoming members of the following industry associations: Security Industry Association, Material Handling Industry of America Trade AssociationJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Evaluate the possibility of attending the following industry events: RILA Logistics Conference, Council of Supply Chain Managers (CSCMP) Annual Global Conference, Distribution Business Management Association SCLA Executive Committee Symposium, MODEXJAXUSA Partnership20132016