Status Reports

Information TechnologyPrimary ResponsibilityStatusSupporting Organization(s)Start YearEnd Year
Build awareness of Northeast Florida's IT strengths
Expand role of the CIO Council to advise local leadership and education institutionsJAXUSA PartnershipCIO Council20122016
Charge the CIO Council with offering recommendations on expanding IT companies and building the region's IT workforceJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Invite CIO Council members to participate in IT marketing initiativesJAXUSA PartnershipCIO Council20122016
Increase programming and throughput of individuals with IT education and training
Develop bridge from certificate level to credit/degree programs and more advanced study to increase degree-seekersFSCJ, UNF, EWC, JUJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Continue to develop bridge and degree programs for IT Project Management, Security and Cyber security, Mobile Applications, IT specific Engineering, and Logistics ITFSCJ, UNF, EWC, JUJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Create Master and above level degree paths and programsUNF, JUJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Increase availability of Information Technology programs at the public and private institutional levelDCPS, FSCJ, JU, UNFJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Transition exiting military personnel into IT careers
Invest in workforce programming for exiting military, transitioning skills into target sectors, particularly aviation, advanced manufacturing, logistics and IT careersJAXUSA PartnershipNAS JAX, Military Affairs Committee, WorkSource20132016
Support further development of broadband internet connectivity, particularly for businesses and startupsTelecom ProvidersJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Recruit IT professionals to Northeast Florida
Increase the tech appeal of Jacksonville to outside IT workers who are considering a relocationJAXUSA PartnershipJAX Chamber, Visit Jacksonville20132016
Gather all relevant statistics on the growth of IT jobs across multiple industries, the buying power of the average IT salary relative to the cost of living, and the entrepreneurial cultureJAXUSA PartnershipCIO Council, CareerSource20142016
Create a standard list of talking points that employers can put on their own website when selling Jacksonville to prospective hiresJAXUSA PartnershipCIO Council, CareerSource20132016
Establish relationships with IT companies through involvement in industry associations and events
Consider becoming members of the following industry association: Software and information Industry Association's Financial Information Services DivisionJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Evaluate the possibility of attending the following industry events: American Medical Infomatics Association Annual Symposium, American Health Information & Management Association Annual Conference, SAS Global Forum Executive ConferenceJAXUSA Partnership20132016