Status Reports

Health & Life SciencesPrimary ResponsibilityStatusSupporting Organization(s)Start YearEnd Year
Inventory and promote Northeast Florida's Health & Life Sciences assets
Create an online asset map of all Health & Life Sciences companies and research institutionsJAXUSA PartnershipJCCI, Healthcare and Bioscience Council, BioFlorida20132015
Inventory the clinical trials currently underway in the region and create marketing materials to promote to corporationsJAXUSA PartnershipArea hospitals, Seaview Medical, Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, Duval County Health Dept20122014
Promote the asset map to companies and investors, showcasing the strength of the cluster and collaboration within the regionJAXUSA Partnership20142015
Update the Economic Impact of Healthcare and Bioscience Industry Northeast Florida on a regular basisUNF Center for Global Health & Medical DiplomacyJAX Chamber, Medical Business Community20132016
Work with the Healthcare and Bioscience Council of Northeast Florida to keep the study updatedJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Use updates to inform the community of progress being made and to serve as a marketing and public relations toolJAXUSA PartnershipUNF Center for Global Health & Medical Diplomacy, WJCT, JAX Chamber20142016
Continue pursuing the creation of a regional health information exchange
Continue to support the collaboration among hospitals and the regular meeting of hospital CEOsUF/Shands, Baptist Health, St. Vincent's HealthCare, Mayo Clinc, Memorial Hospital JAX Chamber20122016
Pursue federal funding for Health IT demonstration projects or to create a Health IT 'Joint-Center of Excellence'Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council, UNF, Jacksonville University; Duval County Health DepartmentJax Chamber, JAXUSA Partnership20132016
Increase programming and throughput of individuals with Health & Life Sciences education and training
Increase programming in biomedical, biotechnology, genetics, medical device research, food safety and food processing, regulatory compliance, medical technology and health information technologyUNF, FSCJ, JUJAXUSA, Business Community20122016
Create bioscience and biotechnology specialties within healthcare focused career academies and career programsUNF, FSCJ, JU, DCPSJAXUSA, Business Community20132016
Develop bridge programs to support a workforce transition from healthcare delivery-focused to health science technology-focused skill developmentWorkSource, FSCJ, Edward Waters, UNF, JUJAXUSA20142016
Draw upon the high percentage of students enrolled in some sort of health science field to support growing opportunities like medical device development and pharmaceuticalsDCPS, UNF, JU, FSCJ, UFMedtronic, Biomet, KLS Martin, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care20132016
Support the development of wet lab and other medical research facilities in Northeast Florida
Establish a wet lab incubator advisory group comprised of area health & life sciences executives, entrepreneurs, university and economic development leadersJAXUSA PartnershipBusiness Community, Jacksonville Civic Council, UNF, JU, UCF, UF20142016
Determine the ideal mix of infrastructure and services needed to make a wet lab incubator successful in Northeast Florida and serve local needs. Develop a plan for the incubator.JAXUSA PartnershipJacksonville Civic Council, Business Community, CoWork Jax, Business Community20142016
Visit and learn lessons from successful wet lab incubators in other communitiesJAXUSA Partnership20142015
Partner with the University of Florida. Enhance commercialization capacity. Become an innovation hub for the university in fields of research related to Northeast Florida's target industries.
Recruit a target industry-related R&D, engineering, and technology commercialization branch of UF into Northeast Florida. Consider the potential for collaboration with local universities.JAXUSA PartnershipUNF Healthcare and BioScience Council, Jacksonville Civic Council, Shands Hospital20132016
Formalize a relationship with UF's Tech Transfer and Business Affairs officesJAXUSA PartnershipBioFlorida, Healthcare and Bioscience Council20142016
Invite Tech Transfer officials to Northeast Florida to make a presentation about their activities and to listen to local employers' needsJAXUSAUNF, Jacksonville University, Mayo Clinic, Baptist Health, Shands, UCF Business Incubation Program, Tampa Bay Innovation Center, UF Sid Martin Biotech Incubator20132016
Use both push and pull strategies to incentivize involvement: UF can assist existing companies in Northeast Florida to solve problems or develop new products, and UF spinoffs may also see Northeast Florida as an ideal location for expansionUF Florida Innovation HubJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Explore serving as a satellite campus to University of Florida's Innovation SquareJAXUSA PartnershipJacksonville Civic Council, CoWork JAX, Indo-American Chamber, UF TechConnect20142016
Recruit Health & Life Sciences professionals to Northeast Florida
Increase the appeal of Jacksonville to outside Health & Life Sciences workers who are considering relocationVisit Jacksonville, WorkSource, Area Hospitals, JAX ChamberJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Gather all relevant statistics on the growth of Health & Life Sciences jobs across multiple industries and the buying power of the average Health & Life Sciences salary relative to the cost of livingJAXUSA Partnership - Business IntelligenceJCCI, Healthcare and Bioscience Council, BioFlorida, UNF Center for Global Health & Medical Diplomacy, WorkSource, Area Hospitals20142016
Create a standard list of talking points that employers can put on their own website when selling Jacksonville to prospective hiresJAXUSA PartnershipHealth & Life Sciences Employers20132016
Establish relationships with Health & Life Sciences companies through involvement in industry associations and events
Consider becoming members of the following industry associations: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Association of Marine Science Industries, Southeastern Medical Device AssociationJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Evaluate the possibility of attending the following industry events and coordinating with Enterprise Florida whenever possible at the larger events: Health IT Conference & Exhibition, Healthcare Compliance Association's Compliance Institute, Medical Device Manfafacturer's Association Annual Meeting, AdvaMed MedTechJAXUSA Partnership20132016