Status Reports

Financial ServicesPrimary ResponsibilityStatusSupporting Organization(s)Start YearEnd Year
Increase programming and throughput of individuals with Financial Services education and training
Develop bridge programs for lower level learners/employees from other economic sectors, such as Logistics or ITNortheast Florida Colleges & UniversitiesJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Expand program offerings in data analysis, financial technology services and financial supportive services to develop a stronger pipeline of workersNortheast Florida Colleges & UniversitiesJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Enhance specialized offerings at the public and private college system institutionsNortheast Florida Colleges & UniversitiesJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Recruit a national financial services conference to Northeast Florida
Recruit a national Financial Services IT conference to Northeast Florida and support it with a sponsorship. Innovation should be a core theme.JAXUSA PartnershipVisit Jacksonville20142016
Recruit Financial Services professionals to Northeast Florida
Increase the appeal of Jacksonville to outside Financial Services workers who are considering relocationJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Gather all relevant statistics on the growth of Financial Services jobs across multiple industries and the buying power of the average Financial Services salary relative to the cost of livingJAXUSA PartnershipMelanie Moore20132013
Create a standard list of talking points that employers can put on their own website when selling Jacksonville to prospective hiresJAXUSA PartnershipFinancial Services Employers20132014
Improve connectivity with other financial hubs
Continue to work to increase the availability of direct flights to major east coast financial marketsJacksonville Aviation AuthorityJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Establish relationships with Financial Services companies through involvement in industry associations and events
Consider becoming members of the following industry associations: American Insurance Association, National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors, American Financial Services Association, AFCOMJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Evaluate the possibility of attending the following industry events: AFCOM Data Center World, Financial Executives International Leadership SummitJAXUSA Partnership20132016