Status Reports

High School Graduation, College Readiness and Early Attainment
1.0Comprehensive road for supporting high school students to be college and career ready
Identify the academic, socioeconomic and behavioral components for attainment roadmap via surveyPam Paul, Kelly Coker-Daniel
Dec 2014June 2015
Research existing toolsCheryl Fountain, Troy Miller Jan 2015March 2015
2.0Create a comprehensive regional marketing strategy
Pilot college enrollment outreach program for high school juniors and seniors in all six counties via text message alertsSabeen Perwaiz Dec 2015Jan 2016
Expand promotion and participation in existing regional programsJan Morse, Eric JacksonJan 2015Dec 2016
Identify messages, audience targets and strategy for regional campaignEarn Up Steering CommitteeJune 2015Oct 2015
Begin grassroots campaign activities with existing partners and programs providing college attainment supportJeff Winkler, Sabeen PerwaizJuly 2015Dec 2015
3.0Accelerate academic attainment through dual enrollment and expansion of career academics related to targeted industries
Build direct and indirect funding streams Sabeen PerwaizAug 2015Dec 2016
Launch campaign and assess impact for continuous improvement into 2016/17 school yearSabeen Perwaiz, Burdette KetchumJan 2016Dec 2016
Assess impact of the expansion and enrollment growth strategies being implemented using expected outcomes as evaluation criteriaChereese Stewart, NEFL Regional Career Academy CouncilDec 2014Dec 2016
Expand pilot of comprehensive industry integration model aligning high school attainment, college degree attainment, internships and employment attainmentKelly Coker-Daniel, Northeast Florida Regional Career Academy Council, Sabeen PerwaizDec 2014Dec 2016
Adult Learners- Currently enrolled, dropped out and stopped out
4.0Create a regional messaging for attainment opportunities based upon field of work/interest
Engage in institution self-assessment of effective policies and strategies by conducting research and sharing with steering committeeTina WirthDec 2014Dec 2015
Identify leading policies and practices in raising attainment rates within institutions and across targeted populationsTina Wirth, Edythe AbdullahDec 2014Dec 2016
Support and expand promotion of Complete Florida and related programs Jana Kooi, Peter Shapiro, Complete Florida Steering CommitteeJune 2015Nov 2015
Implement mapping and planning phase for virtual education concierge center for region Sabeen PerwaizDec 2014Dec 2016
Develop student readiness self assessment linked to map of resourcesBrent Lemond, Nassau County School DistrictFeb 2015March 2015
Development of website to reach stopped out learnersEarn Up Adult learner subcommitteeMarch 2015Oct 2015
5.0Develop guided pathway approach for enrolling and retaining students via a universal planning tool for all regional institutions
Create a universal planning tool that incorporates academic support Jana Kooi, Peter ShapiroSept 2014Dec 2016
Identify and increase certification opportunities leading to 2 year and 4 year articulated degree outcomesNancy Yurko, Anna LebeschSept 2014Dec 2016
6.0Expand use and acceptances of prior learning assessment and degree acceleration programs
Inventory existing alternative credit granting programs in place in regionNancy Webster, Melissa O'Connell, NEFCAN adult learner subcommitteeDec 2014May 2015
Expand use of PLA in regional institutions Nancy Webster, Melissa O'Connell, Earn Up adult learner subcommitteeJan 2015Dec 2016
7.0Create a comprehensive marketing strategy for students to increase awareness of requirements and connections to options and supports for college and career
Identify messages, audience targets and strategy for regional campaignEarn Up Steering CommitteeJan 2015Sept 2015
Build direct and indirect funding streams to create capacity to launch and sustain comprehensive community campaignSabeen PerwaizAug 2015Dec 2015
Begin grassroots campaign activities with existing partners and programs providing college attainment supportJeff Winkler, Sabeen PerwaizFeb 2015Dec 2015
8.0Create employer engagement strategies to reach stopped out learners
Identify best practices in use in CPA communities for reaching stopped out learners via employer channelsTina Wirth Sept 2014Oct 2014
Develop and implement employer engagement campaign for stopped out learnersTina Wirth, Sabeen PerwaizJan 2015Jan 2016
Create messaging platform to celebrate participating employers and increase employer participationSabeen PerwaizJan 2016Dec 2016
Veteran Attainment
9.0Expand veteran wraparound supports to increase attainment rates using proven attributes
Expand use of new VA career exploration module- through messaging to veteran studentsMike FlemingDec 2014Dec 2016
Advocate for legislative changes to allow for veteran-related financial assistance for remediation courses, online learning delivery and other options to increase completion ratesNicole WashingtonDec 2014Oct 2015
Expand employer participation in integrated college credit-bearing internships and imbed into student roadmapSabeen Perwaiz, Jennifer ChapmanJan 2015Dec 2016
Attainment Infrastructure/Systems Change
10.0Assess and align region wide resources in support of attainment goal
Identify key missing stakeholders and develop engagement plan for eachSabeen PerwaizDec 2014Oct 2015
Transition from current steering committee to small guiding team and working groupsEarn Up Steering committee, Sabeen PerwaizDec 2014Jan 2015
Develop comprehensive asset map of activities related to college attainment via surveys and interviewsAshley Folladori, Sabeen PerwaizDec 2014Oct 2015
11.0Develop a data collection infrastructure to better monitor progress across strategies and activities in region
Identify and agree upon data collection sourcesSusan Cohn, Troy Miller, Earn Up data subcommitteeOct 2014Oct 2015
Create additional data capacity infrastructure with NEFLCANTina Wirth, Trey CsarNov 2014Feb 2015
12.0Develop sustainable plan for comprehensive project/resource management and activities of network
Create plan and timeline for retaining support and project management staffTina Wirth, Sandy Bartow, Cheryl FountainSept 2014Sept 2014
Create fund development for scalability and sustainability of strategies and programs from 2015-2025Sabeen PerwaizOct 2014Oct 2015
Provide effective project management of charter plan of workSabeen Perwaiz, Earn Up Steering committeeSept 2014Dec 2016