Status Reports

AviationPrimary ResponsibilityStatusSupporting Organization(s)Start YearEnd Year
Form a Northeast Florida Aviation Leadership Council
The Council will be comprised of executives from aviation companies in the region and meet on a regular basis to share ideasJAXUSA Partnership Aviation Working GroupJacksonville Aviation Authority20122016
Identify opportunities for the region's economic developers and public sector leaders to improve the region's climate for the Aviation industryJAXUSA Partnership Aviation Working Group20122016
Increase aviation specific educational programming and training in the region
Expand programming to include composite technology and material science as it relates to aviationFSCJJAXUSA, JAA20122016
Include aerospace specializations within the high school engineering and technology academiesNortheast Florida K-12JAXUSA, JAA20122013
Expand degree program availability for aircraft technology and aviation operations beyond the certificate levelNortheast Florida Colleges & Universities20132016
Develop cross-sector programs, certificates that supports growth in Aviation, Advanced Manufacturing and LogisticsFSCJ20132016
Transition exiting military personnel
Invest in workforce programming for exiting military, transitioning skills into target sectors, particularly aviation, advanced manufacturing, logistics and IT careersCareerSourceFSCJ20132016
Increase programming and throughput of individuals with Aviation education and training
Further development of Aircraft technology and Aviation Operations programsFSCJ, JU20132016
Stronger engagement of military talent to support cross-sector sub-disciplines in Aviation, Manufacturing and LogisticsFSCJ20132013
Develop advanced training and incubator space for composite materialsFSCJ20142016
Pursue government R&D funding opportunities for local firms and educational institutions, particularly in composite materials, clean fuel technologies, and aircraft developmentUNF20132016
Expand FSCJ / SJRSC training or incubator space for composite materials developmentFSCJ/SJRSC20142016
Focus on retaining existing military operations and contractorsJAX Chamber and City of Jacksonville
Establish a military base council charged with advocating for the retention of Northeast Florida's military presenceJAX Chamber and City of Jacksonville20122012
Continue regular meetings of Commander Naval Region SoutheastJAX Chamber and City of Jacksonville20122016
Support lobbying activities in Washington DC to ensure continued military aviation assignments to bases in Northeast Florida and contracts for local production of vehicles.JAX Chamber and City of Jacksonville20122016
Brand Cecil Airport and Cecil Commerce Center as an aviation megasite
Actively market the cross connectivity between Advanced Manufacturing and Aviation, and the opportunity to locate an original equipment manufacturer on this siteJacksonville Aviation AuthorityJAXUSA, JAA20122015
Recruit tool & die shops and other fabricated metal operations to Northeast Florida
Ask local companies to list their supplier needsJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Complete the database of all NADCAP and other certification businesses in the region. Include in the database uncertified companies that could be servicing aviation within a 200-mile radius.JAXUSA Partnership20122016
Share these findings with local companies, contrast against their needs and identify gaps that need to be filled through business recruitmentJAXUSA Partnership20122016
Recruit Aviation professionals to Northeast Florida
Increase the appeal of Jacksonville to outside Aviation workers who are considering relocationJAXUSA PartnershipCareerSource20132016
Gather all relevant statistics on the growth of Aviation jobs across multiple industries and the buying power of the average Aviation salary relative to the cost of livingJAXUSA Partnership20142016
Create a standard list of talking points that employers can put on their own website when selling Jacksonville to prospective hiresJAXUSA Partnership20132016
Establish relationships with Aviation companies through involvement in industry associations and events
Consider becoming members of the following industry associations: American Composite Manufacturers Association, Aerospace Industries Association, General Aviation Manufacturers AssociationJAXUSA Partnership20132015
Evaluate the possibility of attending the following industry events and coordinating with Enterprise Florida whenever possible at the larger events: Farnborough Air Show, Paris Air Show, National Business Aviation Association Annual Convention, MRO Americas, I/ITSEC Simulation Conference, Modification and Replacement Parts Association (MARPA) Annual Conference, National Chamber Foundation Aviation SummitJAXUSA Partnership20132015